Dinovember comes to town!

So, those pesky dinosaurs are at it again! In our household, they rear their nobbly, plastic heads every November, or Dinovember, in a bid to entertain and delight our children.

It all started when I read about an American couple, Refe and Susan Tuma, who had begun the trend a few years back. They decided that pretending a bunch of toy dinos had 'come alive' during the night would be an amazing way to create magic for their kids. I couldn't agree more! Their book is wonderful - fantastic photos of the most elaborate dino carnage you can imagine. Their dinosaurs are hardcore - they even smash windows!

For us, it's become something we look forward to and talk about all year round. Not only is it great fun for our two boys but it evokes some competitive play between my husband and I.  We love trying to out-do each other's dinosaur scenes and try to come up with scenarios that will make the kids howl.

The dinosaurs really do get up to all sorts of mischief. They've made zip wires, wrapped each other up in Christmas paper, taken chunks out of all the fruit in the fruit bowl, dragged toilet roll around the house, built towers, raided the treats tin, to name but a few.  They are not tidy creatures, neither are they gentle.  In fact, they've been known to leave a considerable amount of mess for mum and dad to tidy away!

The T-Rex in our menagerie can be pretty domineering. He's often the one that has clearly taken the lead and can frequently be found at the forefront of the furore! Long Neck, as we now affectionately know him, is pretty mischievous too. Both carnivores and herbivores play their part.

The looks and reactions from our boys are priceless. It's heart-warming that such a simple idea can bring immense joy and inspire imaginations. The children love to share with others what's taken place during the night and it encourages them to use descriptive language and an expressive tone when telling their friends. It makes me smile inside that they find it so much fun!

I am sharing this year's dino capers on my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/eyebagsandcoffee/
I hope you all enjoy following the craziness and maybe your dinosaurs can join in too?



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