10 school holiday truths

You may have noticed I've had a blogging break over the last week. Two words - 'school holidays!' Don't get me wrong....I love the school holidays. It's a break from routine and the opportunity to have quality time with your little ones. Nevertheless, since becoming a mum to school aged children, there are a few things I've observed that may ring true with some other families!

1) The kids will watch more TV than you'd envisaged. Yep, despite best intentions....they will want to watch television and probably lots of it. In fact, you'll probably find yourself sucked into the latest episode of the Sooty Show, or humming along with Mr Bloom, with increasing regularity. 
2) You will struggle to get to 'meet ups' on time. Somehow, you suddenly feel like you are wading through treacle most mornings and what is usually a slick routine, becomes one riddled with issues where babies choose to grace you with an 'up the back nappy' and older ones choose to lose the only pair of shoes that fit them. 
3) As much as you dearly love your offspring, you will find yourself pondering when the holidays end and how many more days of all singing / all dancing entertainment you have to provide! 
4) You will swear (under your breath) a lot. Being on constant child watch does that to someone! 
5) Your house will permanently look like you've had intruders who have left smears all over the windows, crumbs on the floors and a trail of Lego bricks - just waiting to be trodden on with bare feet.
6) You will find sleeping routines go seriously awry.  The long lie in you allow them, translates into a ridiculously late bedtime and so the pattern repeats until panic strikes two days before school starts!
7) You will notice the ironing and washing piles are reproducing at an alarming rate. Firstly, you don't have the time to attend to chores and secondly, the children seem to enjoy several changes a day. Not sure why? Might be just my kids?!
8) You spend a lot of time planning fun and stimulating days out. You get there  - they cry, moan and declare they hate it at the said place. You wish you hadn't bothered!!
9) You have to be a lot sneakier when raiding the snack tin. One loud rustle and they are round your ankles like crazy ants, begging for chocolate!
10) You experience all of the above, yet those morning snuggles are simply priceless and serve to erase all memories of the previous 'not-got-my-shit-together' day!

Happy school hols everyone and remember, we are all doing our best and there is always tomorrow!



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