Morning fuel and being thankful! two into the school Summer term. So far, this slightly stressy morning has consisted of breast-feeding, nappy changing, breakfast, Darth Vader voice commands such as 'Get dressed....put your shoes on....hurry up!!, arguments over Match Attax and Force Attax (don't ask what they are....I'm still unsure), tears, more nappies and!

Honestly, I don't say this lightly....but thank God for caffeine! It may not be the best thing for me but these days....its's my best friend! I am vile without my daily fix and really do struggle to 'adult' without it! 

After dropping the boys off at school, I hot-footed it back home to pop the kettle on and I treated myself to a well-deserved sit down with a steaming hot cup! Hattie was still snoozing in her pram and I took a few moments just to 'be.' I gazed out into my garden, enjoying the morning sunshine, watching the birds. After a few moments of mindfulness....when I reached the bottom of my mug....I started to feel a little less 'grumpy mummy' and a little more 'happy mummy.' 

It's during moments like this that I am truly thankful, not just for coffee but for life in general. It's hard to maintain a frown when the sun is shining so brightly and the faint coos of your four month old can be heard in the next room. 

As I picked Hattie out of her pram, fuelled with coffee, I felt an overwhelming surge of happiness. Her smiling, innocent face just melts my heart and today, I'm loving life! Or maybe that's the coffee talking?!! 



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