Finding my feet again

So, it's only taken me 11 months (almost) but I'm feeling a little more like 'me'. It's been a tricky one, third time round. Not that it wasn't tough after having my other two babies but juggling three has been a huge adjustment for all of us.

My confidence, at times, has been pretty low. I've had bouts of extreme self doubt - about where I'm heading career wise, about my abilities as a mum of three, about life in general. What is refreshing, from talking to friends and other mums, from following some amazing accounts on Instagram, is that we all have moments like this. Feeling challenged and stretched is pretty normal and it's OK to talk about it!

I've blogged before about a motto I've begun to use. One I can relate to in a really profound way. That word is 'mumfidence.'

"All mums, even though they may not believe it, show huge amounts of tenacity and resilience. They are patient and forgiving, firm yet fair and have an innate ability to juggle a myriad of tasks. Their 'mumfidence' is what makes them unique and subtly shines out of them, thus propelling the tiny humans they have produced into the big wide world."

For me, this motto really resonates. Although it's essentially a play on the word confidence, I think it brings real meaning to the post-partum period and beyond. When I think about being mumfident, I imagine myself in a positive light. I imagine a mum that takes the rough days with the smooth and who accepts that parenting can be a potent mixture of pure and absolute love and wanting to hide and run away from whining and epic tantrums!

Being mumfident, is like sticking your middle finger up to parenting manuals and doing what works for you, your kids and your family unit. It doesn't really matter what others think of you, or your parenting methods. What matters is your belief in your abilities as a parent. It's OK to self-doubt sometimes too - we all have those shit days - but accept it, process it and move on. Tomorrow is a new day, after all.

Since having Hattie, I've been wanting to claw back a tiny part of my own mumfidence. I have been working on the beginnings of a small scale project, which I hope to grow. I've used my special word to create a product range that will hopefully appeal to others who are also re-discovering their confidence after having children. I am beginning with one product and I hope that you will like it. I've purposefully started small, as I am still dedicating most of my time to my three monkeys! Nevertheless, I am beavering away when I can and who knows where my ideas might lead?!

I have the upmost admiration for any mother trying to work around her family. It certainly is not easy! However, I'm giving it a go and hope you'll support me as I develop my little business and of course, my blog!

So, whilst I down my daily coffees and obliterate my eye bags with the latest make up fad - I'm going to prove my mumfidence to the world, one step at a time!

Take a look at my little product range here!



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