Where's my coffee?!

Yesterday, when I picked up the boys from school, I sensed my evening wasn't going to go as planned.

For a start, the little monkeys shot off so fast on their scooters that I couldn't push the pram quickly enough. Needless to say, words were had about safety and staying near mummy at the roadside etc etc. Tears ensued and a promise of 'we won't do it again!' The scooters are now in the shed for the rest of the week. 

Prior to the scooter incident, I'd promised them both we could have tea at Waitrose. I needed a nice coffee and to get out the house for a little human contact. Scooter kerfuffle aside, we bundled ourselves into the car, settled Hattie and off we went. 

Well, we reached Waitrose, sorted a trolley and settled the baby once again (I whooped internally and lusted after the Easter produce as we sped towards the cafe!). Still going at 100 miles per hour, we sat down and I raced to the food counter...only to be told they were not selling food as the tills were broken. Seriously, I could have cried!! Middle class woes and all that but I had 3 hungry, grumpy kids with me! Wtf?! After John Lewis has been in the news recently for turfing out a tantruming toddler, I didn't fancy my chances! My 4 year old was threatening a showdown, so I relented in the Easter aisle, paid and shot out the store before all hell broke loose. 

Bugger, I thought, what now?! McDonalds was the only place I could think of that would serve up some food quickly. So, after the nutritious Kinder Eggs the boys had just wolfed down....to Maccy Ds we went. God I'm crap aren't I?! Not the sort of evening I had intended. 
Then, to add insult to injury, I had the slowest server in McDonalds. Honestly, I think he went out to kill the cow for the burgers. It was ridiculous! By now, Hattie was seriously fed up (as was I). 

The relief I felt when we finally got home was immense. An after school outing with 3 hungry, slightly scampish kids.....nope, not planning on doing that again anytime soon. Now where's that coffee I wanted....oh, I didn't bloody get it did I?!!! 



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