Chalk your week

So.… I am……at the start of a new week and ready to plan and prepare for the coming days.  My first task on a Sunday evening is to update our family chalkboard.  It’s an essential chore that allows a chain of communication between my husband and I and is an instant, visual reminder of plans for the week. 

No longer do I hear the words “but you didn’t write it down on the calendar!” 

I write down all the kids’ plans like clubs, pre-school days, play-dates etc.  I also plan and write down the meals that we’ll be having – this helps to keep us on track with our spending and food budget.  Lastly, I record my own appointments, so I don’t have to constantly check my diary.

My chalkboard is amazing!  Everyone who comes into the house instantly comments on its usefulness and how super cute and cool it looks.  I usually smile smugly and say….”my dad made it for me!”  That’s because he did – my wonderful dad has magic hands and can make beautiful things out of wood. 

Result = an organised, planned week and a happy, prepared mummy.  What more could you want?! 



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