World Book Day Costume Planning

Great...,I hear you groan (as I did). Not another dress up day at school! Well, don't panic - stick to my plan and you'll have a successful outfit and a smiling child! 

Firstly - find out which character your child wants to go dressed as. 
Secondly - you might need to tweak their ideas / expectations. Let's face it - time is limited and none of us want to be up all night sewing! 
Thirdly - Raid the dressing up box and their wardrobe. Lots of book characters just need a few home accessories - A witch's hat, a crown, a pair of rimmed spectacles, a cloak etc. Keep it simple - your child will thank you for it when they can still run about in the playground and aren't stuck inside due to being dressed as an orange Oompa loompa!! 
Fourthly - If you really are stuck - get yourself to the nearest fancy dress shop. They generally have some good deals on popular character dress up suits and the worry instantly evaporates! 

So, give us some ideas I hear you cry. Well.....
Mr or Mrs Twit - old, dark clothes with some tears / stains, messy hair, homemade beard
George (George's marvellous medicine) - red top, wooden mixing spoon, potion bottle containing food colour and water
The cat (Room on the Broom) - cat ears, leggings, long sleeved top, tail
Horrid Henry - messy hair, blue and yellow top, jeans
Paddington Bear - red hat, blue duffle coat, mini suitcase
The Worst Witch - white shirt, black skirt or leggings, stripy tights and tie, witch's hat
The boy (Lost and Found) - red and white stripy hat and top, mini suitcase, cuddly penguin
Hefty Hugh / Lanky Len (What the ladybird heard) - black top / trousers, dark bobble hat

Now go - use your imagination. Get it organised and sit back!



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