Planning a play date

With a play date planned for tomorrow, I thought I'd reflect on how to stay relaxed and focused on making it a success all round. A play date should be fun and most definitely kid focused. However, to ensure it goes smoothly, I have put together a few quick tips to keep everyone smiling. 

Firstly - ensure you have an extra car seat / booster seat in the car if picking up the friend from school. Absolutely essential!
Secondly - have some snacks / drinks to hand for the car journey, or as soon as you get home. If tummies aren't too hungry, the little ones are much more likely to play nicely!
Thirdly - set a few choice toys out, especially if you know the child is into a particular thing e.g. Lego. Some familiarity will help him or her to feel settled and welcomed. 
Fourthly - prepare the food in advance. It's a great idea to have the meal ready to go, that way you aren't a slave to the kitchen and you can keep a watchful eye on the 'play.' 
Fifthly - set a few clear rules at the start of the play, just so the friend is aware of how things are done in your house e.g. Make sure little brother is included in your  play, or don't forget to wash your hands before dinner. 
Finally - if things start falling apart, a few minutes of calming tv can help the kids to zone out, or you could get them to help you lay the table for instance! 
Above all - keep smiling...they'll be gone soon 😉



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