Mum guilt remedy

Today, I returned from the school run a little frazzled. My pre school morning was a blur of barked commands, breast-feeding my 11 week old, weetabix, toothpaste and light sabers. Odd mix! My brain feels like a food processor at the moment....I'm trying to make something nice but everyone just keeps adding the wrong ingredients.

So....I decided that I would take Hattie upstairs and de-camp to bed for a while. So that is what we've done. Instead of busying myself with the daily crap I usually deal with, I've been singing to Hats, smiling at her, cuddling her and feeding her and guess feels great, like a natural high! 
Mum guilt can go f**k itself today cause this mum is taking some time out, at least for a few hours anyway. 



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