Making your weekend count

There is one thing that is ultra important here and that is family time. Life is so, so bloody busy these days. It's ridiculous!!

Stepping back and having some 'us' time is crucial. Time for working parents to connect with life at home, time for kids to be kids.

So this Saturday, i've planned a baking session. Yes my kitchen will end up looking like it's been showering flour and it'll probably be sticky for days but hell, we'll have had a great time! We're going to work together - just the 5 of us (Hattie will smile & watch / cry / poo!!!) and create something yummy. The process and the outcome will be food for our souls. My kids love baking, plus I get to use my new Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer! What's not to like?! 

So if in doubt, down tools....forget the chores and do something you all love. Take a trip to the park, or watch a film. Go on a favourite walk, or just sit and chat. Whatever! It doesn't matter. What matters is staying happy and connected and seeing smiles on the faces of the people you love. Peace out xxxx oh.....and eat more cake 🎂💕



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