High five to all mums xx

Happy Mother's Day! Today is all about you - flowers, delicious food, a long lie in. Yeah, right! Why do we need all that anyhow? Surely what matters is the sloppy kisses, snuggly cuddles, smudgy cards and 'mummy I love yous'. 

Thankfully, a group of fantastic mums at my sons' school has organised a special Mother's Day surprise for us all - a lovely mug with personalised art work from our child. For that, I am grateful - they are adorable.

Nevertheless, I am also eternally thankful that I have had the privilege to become a mother, to know what it's like to raise a child and feel overwhelmingly and unconditionally in love. Having recently become a mummy for the 3rd time, I couldn't be more in awe of the children that have made me a 'mother'.

So today I'm taking time to reflect on and acknowledge motherhood in all its forms. Be kind to yourself today ladies. You may not be showered with beautiful gifts but your children are the only gifts you really need. Cherish them, enjoy each moment with them and relish in your role as a mum. You are all amazing - you don't need a special day to prove that! Xxx



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