Finding my 'Mumfidence!'

I have three children and my eldest son turns 7 this year....I can't believe it! Seeing him develop and grow....seeing his confidence blossom like a delicate flower, has been magical. He spent much of his toddlerhood clinging to my legs, head buried - shy, yet observant and enquiring at the same time.

When he started school, it took him a good few months to find his feet, to settle, to gain in confidence. As he has relaxed into the routines of school, he's become a delightful young boy, desperate to learn about the world around him and to converse with others. His confidence amazes me everyday.

It also makes me think about my own journey. Growing up, I was never particularly self-assured. I always projected an air of confidence, yet beneath the surface I doubted myself constantly. I felt self-conscious and terribly unsure.

As I became a mother, something inside me shifted. No longer did I focus entirely on my own self-doubt. I had to be responsible for someone else. I had to be accountable and make decisions, with confidence, every day. Suddenly, this little human looked to me for guidance - he hung on my every word.

With my two subsequent children, this 'mumfidence' has naturally grown and developed. I've made decisions I never thought possible, I've tackled some challenging ordeals and I've come out the other side, with a deeper sense of self-assurance.

All mums, even though they may not believe it, show huge amounts of tenacity and resilience. They are patient and forgiving, firm yet fair and have an innate ability to juggle a myriad of tasks. Their 'mumfidence' is what makes them unique and subtly shines out of them, thus propelling the tiny humans they have produced into the big wide world.

So, take time to reflect - realise how strong you are. Be 'mumfident!'



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