Cold coffee and flying to the moon!

I've been tired this week, dog tired. The kind of tired where I stop mid sentence because I've forgotten what I was talking about, the kind of tired where I fill my coffee cup with cold water because I've forgotten to boil the kettle! However, it's Friday & I'm saying a little Friyay!! 

Today, as I was sitting feeding Hattie, I reflected on my current state of exhaustion. Sometimes, you see, I feel like all I do is look after the needs of those around me. 

The list of jobs is endless: folding laundry, wiping bottoms, cooking food, mopping floors, changing nappies, cleaning out the cat litter, racing to school for pick-ups, running baths, completing homework, making and cancelling appointments. I could go on. You get the picture. 

I know that these things are all part of my full time mummy role but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could get off this crazy wheel and take a to the moon perhaps?! 

I dream of a romantic meal out with my other half, a spa day, a day just sat doing nothing - pleasing no one other than myself. However, that isn't likely to happen at the moment. 

On the flip side, I also know that this time is fleeting. One day, in the future, I will look back and relish these moments - the craziness, the mess, the whining, the endless cycle of mundane jobs, the sense of total exhaustion. I will long for this time again - when my babies were small and almost totally dependent on me. 

So, despite the sleepy fog, I will soldier on and continue to savour every precious moment of motherhood, helped by coffee...of course. 



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