Ok is good enough

The past couple of days have been a bit of an emotional mash up. Don't get me wrong, I count my blessings every moment....I have a beautiful family, a lovely home and as far as I am aware, we are all in good health. However, some days I just feel overwhelmed.

Exhaustion most certainly plays a part in it all - my eye bags have their own bags at the moment! Plus, I have a sneaky suspicion new mum hormones are making themselves known! 

Regardless of this, I sometimes need to remind myself that I am not Superwoman and sometimes.....(well most of the time) OK is enough. 

Being a perfectionist is bloody hard work. Being a mother and a perfectionist in unison is challenging to say the least. I have always struggled to step back, take my foot off the gas, say no, take time for myself. However, chatting to two good friends today has reminded me that to be a good parent, we also need to look after our own well-being, otherwise you run the risk of a burn out. 

Being a full time parent is all encompassing. You may be at home but you are always on duty, ready to respond. It is so very rewarding and I am thankful for this precious time with my children but I do have a tendency to overlook my own needs, sometimes leaving me tired and emotional. 

So tonight I made special effort to let things go a bit more, to consciously relax a little. It certainly helped me feel less stressed. 

I am not saying I can do this every day,  because I know I won't but now and again, I need to remember to be gentle with myself because I (like every one of you reading this) am doing the best I can.

I love this quote I found on Pinterest. It's so true and poignant for today.  



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