That's not my face....its eyes are too wrinkly!

Oh Crap - I've been looking in the mirror recently and all I seem to see are my eye bags and the lines around my eyes! I'm not vain (far from it....sitting here in my baby-sick covered pjs....which I will change before I go to sleep!!) but seriously wtf are those?!! 

I guess there are a few factors at play here - late nights of partying, too much wine etc! Yeah, yeah (as if!) - try lack of sleep due a small human, never stopping, running a busy household, being a mummy 24 / 7. 

One thing I am soooo thankful for is make-up. Without it, I'm not sure I'd leave the house. At least if I've had a shitty night, I can pop on my 'mask' and face the school run....fresh faced, only living a little lie! 

So, I'm 36 tomorrow. Not sure how that happened?! It only seems like yesterday when I was celebrating my 21st birthday! It's scary really how time flies and since I've had my children, it seems to race by even quicker. Why is that? Life seems so leisurely when you are a child, so carefree. When does it all change, I wonder? 

I know those bags and lines are part of getting older, they are my life story but can't I just stay 21 for a teeny bit longer....please?! If not, I hope the birthday fairy has remembered the Touche Eclat!! 

Thank God for i-phone filters!! 



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