Life takes over

Forgive my blog silence of late. I've been totally and utterly absorbed in mothering. I'm trying so hard to enjoy my little ones as much as possible. Plus, every time I sit down to write, someone seems to need me, or a job needs doing that literally cannot wait!

Life has definitely got busy recently. Hattie is more mobile and Hugo and Louie need guidance and support with homework and general 'growing up' stuff!  Life is mostly good - the children make me smile all the time. Nevertheless, there are also shitty days...days when I'm beyond exhausted, days when I go all screechy and naggy, days when my husband and I gripe at each other constantly. I guess that's life though - no bed of roses but just normal crap (the mundane) sprinkled with glitter (the magic / special times). 

I'm not going to beat myself up when I don't write though but rather enjoy the moments when I can. I hope you continue to follow me on my journey. 



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